Quick Depil Cream

  • $ 13.90 USD

Removing hair with a cream, for men and women !

Want to get rid of your hair quickly and easily? Try the Quick Depil Cream, the new 100% pain free way to remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body! Made of moisturizing ingredients, it nourishes the skin without irritating or harming it. The cream quickly penetrates into the hair follicles and makes the hair fall. Not only will your hair fall quickly, but this cream will also make your hair grow slower! Try it, you won’t regret it!

Super easy to use

Gently apply the cream on the area you want to shave. Wait for 5-8 minutes and remove the cream with a scraper or cotton pad. Rinse with cold water. Avoid using makeup on the shaved area directly after applying the Quick Depil Cream. Store in a cool dry place.

What is included?

1x 60g depilatory cream, 1x instructions, 1x small brush

In summary:

  • Quickly removes hair on any part of your body
  • Natural ingredients
  • Slows hair growth
  • Moisturizing
  • Easy to use
  • Painless

The easiest way to remove hair !

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