Clean Sense

  • $ 49.99 USD

Say goodbye to blackheads and blemishes !

Have you had enough of greasy skin? Are you tired of blackheads and blemishes ruining your skin? If you are looking for clear, beautiful, clean skin then CleanSense is for you!  CleanSense is a new tool that is designed to gently extract and remove blemishes, blackheads, and excess oil from your skin. The action is quick and simple - you can easily add it to your existing routine! It literally vacuums away blackheads, blemishes, and excess oils.

4 suction heads, 4 speeds - a personalized experience

Since everyone has different skins and every problem is itself a bit unique, CleanSense comes with four specialized heads and four turning speeds so you can tackle any problem!

  • Oval head: Massaging and smoothing out wrinkles
  • Large head: Cleaning and removing excess oil
  • Small diameter head: Extracting blackheads and for precision use around sensitive skin
  • Diamond brush head: Perfect for exfoliation!

CleanSense has four different speeds, allowing you to choose the perfect force for the job. After choosing the correct head for the job, select the strength of the suction and run CleanSense on the problem areas. Prepare yourself for the best skin you've had in years!

How to use it?

Apply a hot towel on your face for 10 minutes in order to open your pores. Turn on the machine by pressing the on/off button for 3 seconds. Choose a head, start with the lower suction speed, then move the device along the blackhead location back and forth.
Do not stay at one spot over 2-3 seconds. After use, use a cold towel to close your facial pores and then apply a moisturizer. Clean after each use. Always test the power level when using on sensitive skin. The device is rechargeable with USB cable included.

What is included?

Includes 1 CleanSense machine, 4 heads, 1 cable, 1 charging base, 12 filters. Color: white.

In summary:

  • New tool to remove blackheads and blemishes
  • 4 suction heads and 4 power speeds
  • Multifunctional
  • Safe and clean
  • Portable

The perfect way to get rid of blackheads !